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Keep Safe

Information messages asking customers to keep their valuables safe and to beware of pickpockets.


Please be aware: this is a busy shopping area & pickpockets may be in operation. Please remember to keep your valuables safe.

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Be aware this is a busy shopping area. Please keep your children with you at all times.

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Hello & welcome to our shopping centre today. Please be aware there may be thieves operating in the area: keep your valuables wi

MP3M032 from £7.50+vat

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Hello: & welcome! Please be aware this is a busy shopping area: keep your children with you at all times.

MP3M033 from £7.50+vat

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Warning: pickpockets are operating in this area: please keep your valuables safe.

MP3M034 from £7.50+vat

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Thieves have been detected in the local area: please stay alert & keep your valuables safe.

MP3M035 from £7.50+vat

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Please keep your young children with you at all times.

MP3M036 from £7.50+vat

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Annoying Sounds

annoying Sounds

Deter hoodies from loitering or grown adults from danger zones with unpleasant sounds.

Fancy a Chuckle?

Fancy a chuckle?

Our humour category will have you laughing out loud. Bring a touch of humour to your home or business with a selection of messages from our LOL categories, Cheeky Monkey or Toilet Humour.