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Cheeky Monkeys

Laugh-Out-Loud messages great for when you're trying to add a bit of humorous to the daily grind.


No trespassing! Violators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again.

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Warning to burglars! This house is guarded with a shotgun 3 days a week... guess which days!

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Welcome: all of our guests bring happiness: some by coming & some by leaving.

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Everyone brings joy to this office. Some when entering: some when leaving.

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Warning: private property! Keep out! Unless you're very good looking.

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Welcome to our public house! Please note: there is an invisible force field around the perimeter: once you enter you cannot leav

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Step away from the car.

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Step away from the caravan.

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Step away from the door.

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Step away from the pond.

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Please do not let the dog out: no matter what he says.

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No running: dive bombing or heavy petting.

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Annoying Sounds

annoying Sounds

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Fancy a Chuckle?

Fancy a chuckle?

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