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The VoiceOff has a volume control that is set on installation to match the site requirements. For example, if you are installing the unit to play warning messages to deter unwanted visitors from a secure parking lot, you may want the volume on maximum as you want those intruders to hear your message loud and clear!

A common question people ask about the VoiceOff is “What happens if its playing back one message and another alarm input or perhaps the same alarm input is re-triggered?” The answer is the original message plays out until it reaches the end of that message.

The VoiceOff is triggered by simply connecting any of its alarm input terminals to ground or zero volts.

Yes, The VOX120 is a slave speaker for the VoiceOff Unit and you can fit up to 4 of these.

Yes, the VoiceOff unit has an ABS case which is weatherproof to IP65. So it can be installed outdoors or indoors.

The unit requires a regulated 12V DC power supply at 200mA per hour. This can be from a 12V DC power supply or even from a suitable battery.

Yes, if you wish to extend the area in which the unit can be heard, you can link up to 4 slave speakers to the unit (code VOX120).

For the MK2 VoiceOff, a maximum of 9999 recordings can be added to the VoiceOff to use with the RS232 interface or 20 recordings for to correspond with the unit's 20 alarm inputs.

A wide range of additional voice messages and sounds can be downloaded from the VoiceOff website at:

Yes, you can use any sound file provided that it is in the MP3 format and you have saved it using the correct file naming convention (see Can I record my own files for the VoiceOff unit?).

It's quite easy to record your own audio for the VoiceOff unit. You just need an audio recording device and a computer.

To seek support for your VoiceOff, contact your installer.

We cannot support you direct, however, please use the online form to contact us and we can send you a contact list of local installers who will be able to offer you support.

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