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Getting a Bespoke Audio Message recorded for a computer, web server or Voice Annunciator Device such as the Voice OFF is easy.

The Voice OFF is a great way to welcome guests or deter intruders with its massive range of pre-recorded messages available to choose from.

You can browse through the full range of files available already on our website using the menu on the left.

OR if you prefer something more bespoke for your business such as adding your company name or telephone into the message then that is possible too.

There’s a range of voices available for bespoke messages and you can listen to them in the links below. Ordering your message is easy by simply following the steps below...

Step 1

Draft up your message first. We recommend that you read it out loud so you are happy with it before we make the recording as any additional recordings would be at an extra cost. When you read it aloud listen out for any words or phrases that might make you pause or stutter. If your message is a tongue twister and doesn’t sound great then it will be almost impossible for a computer to get it right.

Step 2

Decide on your preferred voice artist by listening to their sample message recordings below:

  1. ANGELA – AI Female Voice - English Accent

    Play sample file

    play stop
  2. BRITNEY – AI Female Voice - American Accent

    Play sample file

    play stop
  3. CHARLES – AI Male Voice - English Accent

    Play sample file

    play stop
  4. DAVID – AI Male Voice - English Accent

    Play sample file

    play stop
  5. ED – AI Male Voice - American Accent

    Play sample file

    play stop

Step 3

Once you’ve decided on your message and voice style all we need is a copy of your message transcript (in writing) and your payment method. We've included an order form here for you to use. Simply email us a copy at >> with the script and we'll contact you for the payment. Please allow 5 working days to produce a computerised bespoke message for you.

Price Guide (ex-VAT)

50 words and under
Computerised - £49

Some extra sound effects & background music are also available at an extra charge (min £15/effect). Call us to discuss your requirements on 01246 200 000.

Not quite what you’re looking for?

If you're after something special then it is worth considering paying a little extra for a human voice over recorded in a professional studio. Send us over your script and we’ll provide you with a quote, prices start at £69 per message. They can take a little longer than a computerised message with a lead time of 10-14 days but are well worth the wait.

Our professional voice over artist Tom has even worked at the BBC and is a popular choice with customers. You may have heard him on our VoiceOFF voice annunciator but if not here’s a sample:

  1. FRANK – Human Male Voice - English Accent

    Play sample file

    play stop
  2. Gale – Human female Voice - English Accent

    Play sample file

    play stop
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Bespoke Message

Have your own message recorded for your business or property in 3 easy steps.

  1. Create your message,
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  3. We'll create it for you.

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