Technical Specification

MK2 Specification

  • 20 x Alarm inputs
  • RS232 connection to PC or DVR; can trigger up to 9999 sounds!
  • Speaker output 8W 80 ohms
  • Micro SD card compatible
  • MP3 file compatible
  • 8-18V AC or 12V DC
  • 200mA max(depending on volume)
  • Wall mounting fixing lugs
  • Ivory ABS housing
  • Rated IP65
  • 234 x 188 x 85mm (inc lugs)

The VoiceOff is a really versatile unit.

voiceoff unit

You can use it to playback a wide variety of sound files, these range from messages welcoming guest or warning off intruders. You can even have informative messages. Alternatively you can store and play music using the VoiceOff as a digital media player for indoor or outdoor use. All the sound files are stored in the VoiceOff on a removable SD card so it's really easy to do quality recordings away from site in a suitable recording location.

Some people even use the VoiceOff to playback sound effects such as a dog barking or very faint police car in the distance to scare off unwelcome visitors who have entered restricted areas they shouldn't have.

Please see our support pages for links to tips and tricks to help you get the best out of your VoiceOff. For more sound files see our Download page.